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Friday, June 30, 2017

Health care bill shelved: News and Guts

Good morning. This is the smartest piece you'll read on the GOP healthcare punt. The New York Times paints the President as marginalized and ineffective. Politicians in Washington are growing weary of the act and becoming unafraid to challenge Donald Trump. For example, after a meeting with POTUS one senator told the Times, "the president did not have a grasp of some basic elements of the Senate plan".
"Yet over the past few weeks, the Senate Republican leadership has made it known that it would much rather negotiate with Mr. Pence than a president whose candidacy many did not even take seriously during the 2016 primaries. And some of the White House’s efforts have clearly been counterproductive.
Over the weekend, Mr. McConnell made clear his unhappiness to the White House after a “super PAC” aligned with Mr. Trump started an ad campaign against Senator Dean Heller, Republican of Nevada, after he said last week that he opposed the health care bill.
The majority leader — already rankled by Mr. Trump’s tweets goading him to change Senate rules to scuttle Democratic filibusters — called the White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus, to complain that the attacks were “beyond stupid,” according to two Republicans with knowledge of the tense exchange."

On Senate Health Bill, Trump Falters in the Closer’s Role

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