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Thursday, June 15, 2017

From News and Guts

Can anyone remember the last time a Republican lawmaker so much as said the words “higher taxes” without a shudder? But just this week, in a wholly unexpected and unpredicted move, Kansas’ right-wing legislature voted to raise taxes significantly. Within the past five years, Kansas has functioned as an example of what happens when Republicans are allowed to fully implement a completely “trickle-down” agenda. Governor Sam Brownback cut what would become $3.9 billion in taxes by 2019. The results were disastrous. The New York Times reports, “As the rest of the country was growing at rates of just above 2 percent, Kansas grew at considerably slower rates, finally hitting just 0.2 percent in 2016.” Finally, Republican lawmakers swallowed their pride and raised taxes. Hopefully, other Republicans can follow Kansas’ lead and realize that truly helping working class constituencies they claim to represent sometimes means public spending, and public spending comes from taxes.

Finally, Something Isn’t the Matter With Kansas

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