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Friday, May 27, 2016

The undoing of the Conservatives and the New Democrats is their own doing - and they are not listening

The Liberals under Justin Trudeau have been catapulted to the forefront, not simply by their policies but rather assisted by the policies of the other two major parties.

Angry Tom as Thomas Mulcair of the New Democrats has been nicknamed chose to mimic the Harper governments policy of Republican "Tea Party" campaigning. What he, and the Conservatives, fail to realize is that we are not Americans. Unlike our cousins to the south  we watch and listen to how America abuses itself and most Canadians are offended by the negativity of politics there, we are just not interested in it flowing across the border.

The previous government gave us our fill of that style of politicking and on October 19th, 2015 Canadians said "enough".

Unfortunately for those who voted for the opposition their Members of Parliament have learned nothing. They continue their depressing campaigns of negativity. In poll after poll the Liberals and the Prime Minister continually rate high.

Whose fault is that? The Liberals are doing what the winning party should do, governing, while the other two parties are spewing vindictive untruths.

If the opposition wants to improve their popularity in the polls they must stop nitpicking. The only way they will convince Canadians that they are serious is to be serious, in their policies and in their criticism.

The hyperbole and bull dung comments on National TV are comical but annoying they certainly don't instill confidence in the public's mind.

Both the NDP and the CPC appeal to swing voters who are either left of centre or slightly right of centre but in the last campaign both parties neglected this particular group, their full attention was on their base and against Justin Trudeau. Plain and simple they ignored those swing voters who had voted for them in 2008 and 2011.

Last weeks fiasco in the House of Commons and a joint media scrum by the CPC and the NDP after the FIFA flop of MP Brosseau did nothing, absolutely nothing to diminish the popularity of the Prime Minister, if anything it reinforced it.

Get over it, you lost and they won, it is now time for fresh ideas and new faces. Both parties have to inspire people to vote for them rather than vote against the Liberals.

Both parties need to show more respect for the House of Commons, the CPC has to stop their childish heckling of the Prime Minister and his MP's while the NDP have to respect the hallowed halls of parliament by not protesting on the commons floor and screaming insults at the Prime Minister.

"Bruce Anderson, one of CBC’s At Issue panelists, called Justin Trudeau’s ascent to prime minister as a “campaign for the ages.” Sure, Trudeau is the scion of a former PM. But he defied great odds to win.
The Liberals started the campaign with a mere 36 seats in the House of Commons — 37 seats if you factor in the transposition of seats under riding redistribution. But once the ballots were all counted, the Liberals had taken 184 seats.
Trudeau’s astounding success also highlights the reversals of fortune for both the Conservatives, who have governed since 2006, and the NDP, who were first in the polls going into this 11-week campaign.
Stephen Harper and the Conservatives won the 2011 election with 166 seats, while the NDP finished with 103 — and, for the first time, status as the Official Opposition. Four years later, the Conservatives have 67 fewer seats while the NDP have dropped 59."

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