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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A piece of our life

Awkward moments in life
By Bob Hawkins

My family has a long history of fostering, as such we have experienced it all nothing shocks us, well not until an offer of used clothing from the mother of one our foster children.

Six year old Joey’s mother was a part time working girl and his grandmother was the madam. One day his mother calls the house and tells my wife that she has a couple of bags of used clothing, can we use them and if not give then to the Red Feather (Child Services). Of course the wife says yes and agrees that I will pick them up and bring young Joey to see her and grandma.

On the agreed day I pack Joey in our 1973 Toyota Corolla and we head off to Montreal. The address is an upper flat on St. Catherine Street a short walk from the old Montreal Forum. I ring the bell and am buzzed in, I open the door and there are the garbage bags 15 of them all the way up the stairs.

When Joey and I finally make it to the top we are directed to the kitchen, I am introduced to grandma then escorted to the living room while they visit. The lighting in the living room is dim and the bulbs in the ceiling light are all red, I feel very uncomfortable. A few minutes later another fellow comes in and sits in the chair opposite me. I sit there uncomfortably wondering “what is the protocol in a brothel”?  Do I introduce myself? Should I strike up a conversation? How the hell would that go “So, come here often”?

A really attractive young woman dressed in white lace see through slacks and a halter top comes and puts out her hand and says to the fellow ready. My evil twin was saying “YES, YES” but my tongue is stuck to the top of my mouth.

It felt like I was there for hours but in reality it was only 20 minutes, then Joey and I loaded all 15 garbage bags into my Corolla and drove home.

I brought the bags in the house and the wife started to go through them, “Oh my gawd they’re hooker outfits” she yells. We laugh hysterically, she calls her girlfriend down the street to come and see.

The two of them are emptying bags left right and centre, there are see through slacks, blouses, Daisy Duke shorts, bras all kinds of erotic clothing. In the midst of all this ribaldry who should arrive at the house, none other than Jeff our case worker from the Red Feather (Child Services).

Erotic clothing is strewn all over the living room and the ladies were giggling and acting silly.

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