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Friday, May 27, 2016

MP Ellen Brosseau took a dive that would put Christiano Ronaldo to shame.

The Scourge Of 'Crybullying' Affects Parliament Hill And Beyond

Imagine you are a small child in a crowded school hallway. A couple big kids block your way and when you try to move around them they maneuver to stay in your way. Getting tired of being bullied, you push by. The next thing you know, the bully runs to the vice-principal to report you for pushing and demands that you be punished.

The scene I just described is called "crybullying." It is used by political and environmental activists daily to slow down industrial development and discredit their political enemies. Consider this classic example of crybullying from the University of Missouri.
In the video a young reporter is trying to take pictures of a demonstration in a public space when he is physically assaulted by protestors. The photographer, who is standing still, is repeatedly bumped by these protesters who then turn around and demand that the photographer be arrested for assaulting them.
Think that is the only case of this scourge? Consider #elbowgate this week (video here). In #elbowgate, two members of the NDP caucus physically blocked the path of a senior member of the Conservative party (MP Gord Brown) in the House of Commons.

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