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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Rise of Tyranny and the Imminent Fall of Canada by 2014 -

I had occasion last week to be in the area of the Niagara peninsula meeting with other members of the Anglican Church of Canada. Lately, no one could fail to notice the bombardment of advertising trumpeting the heroic and “significant victory” of British Canada over the Americans in the War of 1812. Here we were two centuries later in the very place where the battle of Queenston Heights was fought. I was moved to reflect on the costly public relations campaign supported by the Federal Government which seemed to urge us to revel in the burgeoning power of our country. The ads and the hype that has been generated portray a nation that is strong and free where all things are possible.

One might observe that there are worse images to purvey than images of strength, fortitude and industry. However, I learned many years ago from my teacher of Drama that “All that glisters is not gold; / Often have you heard that told. / Many a man his life hath sold / But my outside to behold.”* In other words beware of the packaging; the thing which we see may very well not be that which we seek. As I looked out from Queenston Heights I suddenly understood a truth that was both disconcerting and devastating.

Our country is well on the road to falling to the greatest enemy that we have ever faced. It is not an enemy from another part of the globe nor is this enemy funded by malign interests whose aim is to subjugate us to the will of a particular religious or philosophical ideal. No. The enemy we face is found in our own country and has been birthed by the apathy, alienation and ignorance of the people of Canada. This enemy has evolved through the intentional collusion of political and economic elements within our own body politic which has used as pretexts the present leadership vacuum, the crises in the world financial institutions and the destabilization of various countries in many parts of the world as a means of exerting total social control. Of course, I am speaking about the Government of Stephen Harper, the legally elected government that took office in May of 2011.


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