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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Can you say Harper ADSCAM?????

Opposition slams Stephen Harper government for spending reserve money on ad campaign

OTTAWA – Opposition critics are accusing the federal government of bad fiscal management following revelations it took a cash advance from a $34-million reserve fund to rush a 2012 advertising campaign to television airwaves.

“I think they’re scrambling to counter the negative brand they’ve allowed the oilsands and resource development and Canada to be wrapped with,” said Liberal natural resources critic Geoff Regan in an interview. “The steps that they’ve taken are undermining international confidence in our environmental processes and they’re trying to advertise their way out of it.”

The government defended the reserve fund of Natural Resources Canada deputy minister Serge Dupont, uncovered earlier this week through a federal memo obtained by Postmedia News, describing it as a “matter of financial prudence and diligence.”

It is common practice for federal departments to create contingency funds for emergencies and unexpected issues, but a government guideline from Treasury Board says these reserves should be set up with clear rules for how they can be managed, used and monitored.

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