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Friday, January 24, 2014

Comments 0n the "Tea Party" Conservatives of Stephen Harper

The Reform Party of Canada...*cough*...Canadian Alliance Party...*cough*...Conservative Party of Canada has absolutely NOTHING at all to do with the historic PC Party of Canada which existed from 1867 to 2004, when it was basically hijacked by the Reform/Alliance.

The traitor and sellout, Peter MacKay, the last leader of the PC Party of Canada, who PROMISED, that he would NEVER agree to merge with the Reform/Alliance, then lead by who?, Stephen Harper, ended up doing exactly that!

The old PC Party of Canada closely followed the British High Tory (Red Tory) ideology from 1867 to 1984, which while pro-big business and pro-industry, actually OPPOSED free trade! They also strongly OPPOSED integration with the USA, and were even somewhat anti-American! In many respects, the old PC Party of Canada was even more left-wing than the NDP in certain ways! It sounds amazing to hear that today, but it is true.

ALL of the PC Party of Canada leaders and PMs from Sir John A. MacDonald, Sir Robert Borden, John Diefenbakker, Robert Stanfield to Joe Clark were Red Tories who supported economic nationalism (crown corporations instead of selling off national assets to private business), trade protectionism (high tariffs to protect Canadian jobs in manufacturing instead of free trade) and Keynesian economic interventionism (government involvement to prop up the economy to create jobs). Brian Mulroney took over the PC Party of Canada in 1984, and was a Blue Tory, who supported free trade, deregulation, and closer links with the USA, but, he always supported full funded social programs, the environment, OAS/CPP, EI, etc. He would also have opposed spying on Canadians as Harper seems to support.

The Reform/Alliance types such as Harper, Day and Manning are even worse. They are American Republican-style conservatives who support massive privatization of nearly all crown corporations, massive deregulation of the economy, an industrial-military complex which needs wars to profit, a prison-industrial complex which needs new laws to throw people in jail for petty crimes to survive, and, they firmly support placing Canadian foreign and defense policy firmly in line with the USA.

Harper has purged all of the Red Tories, and the Blue Tories like MacKay have been pushed to the back of the cabinet. Only real American Republican-style conservatives like Flaherty, Baird, Kenny, Toews, etc; are allowed. Most of these REFORMATORIES hail from Alberta, and many of them are born again Evangelical Christian Fundamentalists who are deeply anti-gay, anti-abortion, and anti-feminist. Many of them are also Christian Zionists who support Israel as they believe that World War 3 will soon occur and Jesus Christ will set up his headquarters in Israel (it sounds crazy but it is true if you want to research it). George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, etc; are all born again Fundies and Christian Zionists. So as you can see there is a distinct religious (born again Evangelical Christian Fundamentalism) and geographic (Reform/Alliance born in Alberta) aspect to this as well.

Red Tories like Joe Clark and Blue Tories like Brian Mulroney are not usually very religious, and if they are, they are typically mainstream Anglican Church of Canada or Roman Catholic. So it is also a religious, culture and geographic hijacking of the old PC Party of Canada as well. Many of these Reform/Alliance Christian Fundamentalist types, including its founder Preston Manning, and his Father, Ernest Manning (once the Premier of Alberta) have also been historically linked to the racist and anti-Semitic "Social Credit Party of Alberta" as well as the Protestant Orange Order lodges. It is much deeper and more sinister than most people realize...

C. R. A. P.
.... the reform party was a separatist party that ran on almost the exact platform, with location and ethnic changes, that the Parti Quebecois and the Bloq Quebecois used to initially get elected. The Reform party morphed from the Western Alliance Party whose goal it was to separate western Canada from the rest of Canada at the MB/ONT border and join the western provinces to the USA. Harper's agenda has not changed from wanting to dissolve Canada in favour of a North American super power bent on world dominance and Flavour is not spelled flavor.

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