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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

One Martyr Down: The Untold Story Of A Canadian Peacekeeper Killed At War

The Killing of Canadian Army Major Paeta Hess-von Kruedener by the Israeli army. A story that has vanished from the press...

 "The Israelis attacked a clearly marked UN base—killed a Canadian soldier—and then refused to even answer any questions about it." Canadian Legion Magazine.

And now we have 21 Rabbis paid for by you on Harper's trip to his great friend Israel. The CDN—Harper Govt. is not the CDN Govt....

“It is disgusting what [the Israelis] are doing here,” Canadian Army Major Paeta wrote in an email to his wife before he was killed. “Yesterday I witnessed an [Israeli] attack helicopter fire missiles at a local school and destroy a brand new hospital. These [guys] are trying to cripple and destroy the infrastructure of Lebanon. What this has to do with the Hezbollah terrorists I have no idea and cannot make the connection. I agree that the [Israelis] have the right to protect themselves, but they are indiscriminately bombing and targeting the civilian population and infrastructure, which is a fucking WAR CRIME under the Geneva Conventions.” ...Read this from the Legion Magazine no less — coverup of a Canadian Peacekeeper killed by the Isr

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