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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Seizing the opportunity on the backs of those suffering

A Congressman Just Asked Trump the Four Syria Questions He MUST Answer

While the President’s cheerleaders in the media took a victory-lap on his behalf today after his controversial missile attack on Syria, Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA) launched an attack of his own on his Facebook page.
In a scathing post today, he called-out Trump’s hypocrisy, exposed the fallacy of his motives, and asked the 4 questions every American needs to ask as they decided for themselves whether or not they can trust their President to handle this crisis.
Without any further ado, we give you Congressman Jared Huffman:
“Mr. President, you’re learning the hard way that navigating difficult policy issues from healthcare to foreign policy is actually complicated. That’s especially true with the myriad of conflicts and crises we face on the world stage.
But you cannot lead the free world by being impulsive, unilateral, and unpredictable. You have signaled for months that the US doesn’t care about humanitarian and moral issues. You’ve completely ignored a massive humanitarian crisis in east Africa that threatens starvation and death for 20 million people – in fact, you’ve proposed deep cuts to humanitarian aid that would make it worse. You’ve turned your back on desperate refugees fleeing Assad’s war crimes in Syria. You’ve signaled that Russia and Assad are free to do whatever they want because it’s not our fight – almost inviting more atrocities in Syria and beyond. And now you suddenly change your mind — but it’s not clear if it’s just this once, or something more.

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