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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Trump spinning the lies

Always remember that the TRUTH is always 'out there'; all one has to do is to be willing to find it, and, of course, accept it:

An excerpt from this excellent, truthful, well worth reading, article:

- The processors involved don’t have the luxury of distance from all of this, but there are plenty of actors in politics and industry who are stepping in to pass the buck, cleverly directing the blame toward Canada. Now, scapegoating Canadian trade policy is a brilliant move as morally flexible politics goes, but as is often the case with finger-pointing, anyone doing it in a situation like this looks suspiciously like that guilty four-year-old we’ve all run across. Rather than look you in the eye and tell the truth about their complicity, they frantically look around for someone else to blame. If no one else is around, a convenient imagination will conjure up something to fill the void.
Sorry Canada, this time that thing is you. -

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