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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Forcing the issue

Watchdog group that includes former Obama staffers sues FBI and DOJ over Trump wiretap claims, Russia investigation

American Oversight, a newly formed ethics watchdog group, has gone to court over President Trump's unsubstantiated claims that he was wiretapped by the Obama administration and an ongoing FBI investigation into whether the Trump campaign cooperated with Russian intelligence agencies.
After their Freedom of Information Act request for documentation was rejected by the Justice Department and the FBI, the group is suing both agencies.
The first lawsuit, filed Wednesday, demands proof to back Trump's explosive charge, initially made on Twitter on March 4, that his predecessor had wiretapped Trump Tower last year.
So far, no evidence has emerged to support that claim, and numerous senior intelligence and law enforcement officials, as well as President Obama, have denied it. A president has no authority to order a wiretap.

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