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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Rest In Peace old friend

I remember Rex from his CBC days but more than that I remember him as a warm and friendly senior. I first met him at The Coach and Four in Oakville where he was a regular, we hit it off immediately.
Rex had a fascinating life and would relate stories of his childhood, he was a train collector and had quite a valuable collection of model trains. He also had a large collection of cigarette cards from his days in England.

I sat with him when he found out his second wife had cancer, it wasn't easy as he had lost his first wife to the disease .he worked through it.
He had great strength.
It's funny how small this World is when you strike up conversations with strangers. On a flight to Argentina I walked to the back of the plane for some excersize and to get a coffee, there was an older gentleman there who was on his way to catch a cruise ship to the South Pole as we talked he mentioned he was retired from CBC, I mentioned Rex was a friend, it turned out he was Rex boss at CBC and hadn't seen Rex since he went to CHEK in Hamilton.
We suddenly had a mutual friend.

CBC broadcaster Rex Loring has died at age 91

Legendary host was best known for his work on World Report

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CBC radio journalist Rex Loring is seen watching archival video from his days at CBC. His family said Friday that Loring had passed away at age 91. (Facebook)

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