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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Road

While in motion on my road, my thoughts wander as my wheels spin.

If my life were to suddenly end, so would my worries, too.
I made that same mistake of looking backwards to what I once knew,
And again, time after time, I had to once more, wade through the muck of my frustration,
Back to that place where my senses are level and true.
It is my road, and only mine, to realize and feel some sense of what I once had and lost.
To understand that which once before, brought me joy and release from my daily toil,
Which now serves only to block my forward traverse and impede my intent,
Which is to release myself from my own fears and frustrations.
Somewhere on my road I will find it yet again, somewhere along its length, I will come upon it.
Thanks Kerry

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