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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Today's Rant

Republicans: The See No Truth, Hear No Truth, Speak No Truth Party

I am gob smacked by the laziness of so many card carrying Republicans and how their minds are filled with so much misinformation and hate that they refuse to research a story to see whether the source is reliable or if there is indeed truth.

It is very disappointing to watch friends and in some instances relatives post stories that are blatant fabrications or at times satire that they believe before they believe the truth. Most of the stories they post contain no definitive proof yet the poster believes the story.

Inquiring minds want to know the facts.

“Julian Assenge to release Clinton emails” one heading reads. I have yet to see any proof yet many already consider this headline as fact. “Clinton tells 4H club What the F…. am I here for” again unfounded but believed by the haters.

It has become a way of life in American and now in Canada for the right to make misleading statements or to twist the facts because they know their base is consumed by disdain and most are too lazy to search out the facts. It is easier to repost a lie because it serves their purpose.

Why are they so afraid of Waiting for the truth, waiting to see the truth and waiting to speak the truth?

Many create stories before the truth is revealed and even then they twist the truth as if it is a huge conspiracy against them personally.

There are many, many things wrong with both parties but Obama did not start the war in Afghanistan, he inherited it. Obama is not responsible for the financial collapse, he inherited it. Those are facts.

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