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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

More trouble to come

Stephen Harper quits his day job, sets up 'international' consultancy -- brace for trouble!

Just what Canada and the world need! Another right-wing "consulting firm" with a murky mandate.
There is a kind of fearful symmetry, to borrow a phrase, to yesterday's Facebook revelation that PM No. 27 (No. 22 if you don't count repeats) has quit his day job and set up a consulting firm in Calgary to occupy the hours he’ll need to while away in enforced retirement until something better comes his way.
Here's a fellow who never had a real job in his life, except for the time his dad found him work in the mailroom at Imperial Oil here in Edmonton. Other than that, Stephen Joseph Harper has been a professional politician -- or a professional political dweeb -- almost every waking minute of his adult life.
By professional dweeb, I basically mean a professional flunky, a lobbyist, a propagandist, a political fart-catcher. By all honest accounts, though, Harper wasn't very good in any role except holding public office for himself.
One of his many saccharine online hagiographies yesterday talked about how he valued loyalty -- which he certainly did, as long as we're only talking about loyalty to him. (Preston Manning, that tingling you feel in your spine may be related to the fact Harper is on the loose again, right in your own neighbourhood. He'll be going to the same generous funders, too, as your eponymous Manning Centre. Heaven only knows what he's going to be saying about yourservice to the conservative cause if he encounters a tapped-out donor.)

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