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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dumb and dumber: Leaching the Canadian taxpayer

After announcing they would be leaving politics both Harper and Kenney sucked the the Federal coffers while one set up his own business and the other campaigned for 'Unite the Right".

All this while the pricks on the right and the mainstream media are whining about expenses for Liberal MP's during the performance of their duties.

Where is the indignation from the mainstream media and the Conservatives for this abuse?

‘They may be gone but there is absolutely no way they’re forgotten’: Shift as Harper, Kenney leave Ottawa

OTTAWA — For years, two adjacent Calgary ridings served as home turf for arguably the two most powerful politicians in Canada.
They’re also two of the safest Conservative seats in Canada; winning the Tory nomination vote is generally the real election that matters in these ridings.
But with the impending resignations of Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney, their Calgary seats in the House of Commons will suddenly be open.
All indications are Harper will resign his Calgary Heritage seat before the House of Commons resumes sitting on Sept. 19. He has held the seat, which was recently renamed, since winning it in a 2002 byelection.
Kenney, who is running for the Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership in an effort to unite the right in that province , says he will resign as MP for Calgary Midnapore by the time the PC race officially begins Oct. 1. Kenney has been MP in southeast Calgary since 1997.

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