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Friday, January 22, 2016

Rona wants to give advice ... Bwahahaha

For the record: Rona Ambrose’s letter to Justin Trudeau

‘I am formally requesting a meeting with you at the earliest opportunity’

Yes my fellow Canadians after ten years of ignoring the opposition, ten years of failed economic plans and ten years of ridicule by the Harper dictatorship Rona Ambrose wants an audience with the Prime Minister to give him economic advive.
WTF is wrong with this picture?
It would be an acceptable idea if she had any real experience or knowledge but the very fact that she and the CPC fail to recognize that the problem with the Canadian economy is theirs and theirs alone.
Under Harper's economic plan of self promotion while ignoring 8 of 10 Provinces and all 3 territories Canada is struggling in all sectors, NOT just oil.
They brag about job creation the majority of which are part time. They drove down wages with their TFW program. They ignored the unemployed and changed the qualification requirements eliminating many from the program. They ignored the thousands who dropped out of job searching due to the lack of available work.
In the end Trudeau, unlike Harper, will find the time to sit down with her and to listen which is more than I would do as she has nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, to contribute but then JT is a better man than I.

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