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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Harper and the CPC: Morally Corrupt

Refugee health, and when the story doesn't quite come full circle

The 2012 decision by the former Conservative government in Ottawa to cut public health benefits for refugees was arguably one of the more significant stories of the last few years.

From a humanitarian perspective, the decision was nothing short of scandalous.

The Supreme Court of Canada condemned it as "cruel and unusual." Even senior Ottawa bureaucrats had problems with it and urged the government, unsuccessfully, to reconsider.

There were numerous cases over the years where Stephen Harper's agenda to remake Canada rubbed Canadians the wrong way. Slamming the health care doors on refugees in order to save $20-million a year went even further. It crossed a moral line. 

Doctors from coast to coast spoke out, open letters were written, national days of protest were held four years in a row — to no avail. The government responded with strategic retreats but never backed down.

It was a classic conflict. 

Issue of balance

Then came last October's federal election. One of the first moves by the new Liberal government was to do what's right and reverse the offensive policy. 
End of story? Not quite.

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