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Thursday, January 28, 2016


We are Canadians, not competitors: Enough Province bashing

I’ve been everywhere boy, well not quite, I’ve never been to Saskatchewan or the Territories. I have however traveled to and done business with all the other Provinces. I have also lived in Quebec, where I grew up and worked New Brunswick where we lived and I traveled the Atlantic Provinces and Ontario where I have now lived and worked for 29 years.

In Quebec we bashed Toronto calling the people cold and unfriendly. In New Brunswick we didn’t like “Upper Canadians” while in Ontario it was Quebecers who were the brunt of our disdain.

If anyone was the brunt of a National attack it has to be Newfoundland although all those Newfie jokes we hear….. they started in Newfoundland as “Did you hear about the dumb Canadian”? Yes folks it is us who are the subject of jokes in Newfoundland.

I have traveled across this great country, visited most major cities and had the privilege of doing business with 9 of the 10 Provinces sadly I have not heard jokes about or the bashing of Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta, it seems that the rest of Canada either doesn’t find humour or care enough about these Provinces to poke fun at them.

Of course that is not true, I’m being sarcastic but feel free to bash me, it is a badge of honour.

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