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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Vintage LOS ANGELES (SoCal)

This brought back so many memories.  My grandfather's chicken ranch was in Bassett, which at that time was a part of LaPuente.  We used to go to Puente and as kids we would all say, "P-U).  We went to a drive-in movie there.  Our neighbors drove a flat bed truck, and we would all pile into the back to see the movie.

Naturally we spent some time in El Monte.  I used to go to Kristen's hair stylist in Sierra Madre.  In fact, my half brother's half-brother was the city manager.  From there he did something big for the police departments from all over the state.

When you see the house on Bunker Hill, Brian did a scale model of that as a doll house for some people in Santa Barbara.

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