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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

On this day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ I would like to Address Andrew Scheer and his party of fear and hate


Intimidation, Fear, Retaliation, Incarceration, Beating, Rape, Death

These are just a few of the things many of the refugees have experienced but still there are those who say “Why don’t they stand up and fight”?

Oh sure, it’s easy to criticize from the comfort of your armchair in your white privileged neighborhood, but if the rich kid down the street is dealing drugs you turn a blind eye yet when a motorcycle gang rides through your neighbor hood you cringe and lock the doors out of fear. You refuse to visit certain parts of your city because of fear and intimidation, and then wonder why others don’t do something.

Intimidation and fear is why sectarian violence still exists in the World to this day. Even in pockets of cities of North America where organized crime is a major business. Intimidation by the various gangs and mafia is a reality and is why they continue to flourish. It is also why we don't need the rhetoric of fear and intimidation being spewed by a political leader and his party.

Many of these refugees and immigrants come from a country where there is a great distrust of their government and their police I dare you to stand in their shoes for a week. You would be whimpering and wetting you pants out of fear.

These people have shown extreme courage and determination in their fight to survive and should be a source of inspiration, Andrew, rather than a target of your Hitler Syndrome.

Talk is cheap, criticism is easy, action requires compassion and understanding.

R. Hawkins. (administrator)

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