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Saturday, July 15, 2017

When will Republicans step up and say enough

Many good questions from one of our followers, Jason Grad.
Dear News and Guts, I know there are plenty of questions to be asked and answered regarding criminality and illegality surrounding the Donald Jr emails but beyond that is there anyway we can start to have a conversation about the current cultural and political divide in this nation? Specifically concerning the issue that for over a year the Trump campaign has denied any knowledge of attempts by the Russian Government to interfere in the election, they have in essence lied more than once to the America people and now that the truth is clear for all to see that they knowingly lied and hid the truth conservative lawmakers in the House and Senate are still standing on the sidelines weighing their options with regards to how to respond. Whether criminal or not it's clear that ethically the Trump campaign and even a top level official of this administration, Jared Kushner, has lied more times than I can count with regard to their involvement and knowledge of Russian attempts to interfere in the 2016 election. Why is this still tolerated? Why after openly admitting that they have lied for over a year regarding this issue are republican lawmakers still letting this behavior slide?
At what point are we as a nation going to acknowledge that morally this administration and Trump's campaign team failed to uphold the values of truth and honesty we used to hold dear? For crying out loud Clinton was painted as the most untrustworthy person you could ever know and yet in the face of black and white evidence showing that not only did they attempt to conspire with a foreign nation to swing the election they then lied about it publicly for over a year conservatives are willing to let it all just slide!! When are we going to hold people to a higher standard and demand an explanation from lawmakers willing to turn a blind eye to the very thing they despised so much about Clinton?

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