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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Even some at Fox are questioning the President

We know President Trump's favorite cable news network is Fox News Channel, but if he was watching this afternoon he couldn't be happy. Host Shepherd Smith, who has been known to go against the Fox grain, lit into the White House saying their deception is mind-boggling:
"If there's nothing there — and that's what they tell us. They tell us there's nothing to this, that nothing came of it, there's a nothingburger, it wasn't even memorable, didn't write it down, didn't tell you about it, because it wasn't anything, so I didn't even remember it — with a Russian interpreter in the room at Trump Tower. If all of that, why all these lies? Why is it lie after lie after lie?"
During this segment Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace also said "clearly this was attempted collusion."
We suspect this is one Fox News segment that won't be getting a Presidential retweet.

Shep Smith: If Don Jr. Meeting Was No Big Deal, ‘Why All These Lies?’

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