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Monday, July 17, 2017


Everyone refers to Khadr as a child soldier yet I have seen it written that he was there that day, not as a willing participant but as a replacement to help carry goods. I will accept the definition as it applies to his age and how the tribunal was hijacked but no one has proven to me or to a legitimate court that Khadr was acting as a soldier. Nowhere does anyone say that he carried a weapon only that he was the lone survivor and therefore must be the one who threw the grenade. All this in light of the facts as stated by the commanding officer in his report, which was later altered, that there was one other combatant who was shot in the head by special forces as they entered the compound. The report also initially stated that Khadr was too severely injured to have been the combatant that threw the grenade.

In light of this lack of evidence and the constant spin and fabrication by right wing bigots and haters I cannot help but be disappointed in my fellow Canadians who are in denial.

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