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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Far to many have already formed an opinion years ago and are either "not interested in learning the facts (truth), are too lazy to read the facts or too ignorant to understand the facts".

"Many of the purported facts fueling arguments either in support of the settlement or against it have been wrong."

Related twts From Craig Forcese 

/1 If Khadr gone full trial, Harper, Chretien, Martin, fmr ministers, officials, dept wld all have likely lawyered up, at taxpayer expense 

/2 Plaintiff’’s lawyers were already winning cost awards in relation to motions gov was fighting 

/3 Constitutional breach probably issue be stopped b/c of SCC, but gov likely wld have fought that & sought to relitigate, increasing costs.

4/ Most of trial, thought, likely built around how gov conduct compounded the GITMO experience, dragging in sensitive info 

5/ The cross-exams of fmr PMs & officials wld have been worth price of admission, but painful for the gov & agencies, who would try to fight

6/ All of this is to say, this wld have been like all the commissions of inquiry & related law suits in terms of complexity.

7/ How much did they cost? Well, take the Arar matter: $20 Mil

8/ So as someone who would have learned much about how our agencies work from an open trial, it’s a bit sad not to have one.

9/ But as a taxpayer, pretty hard to imagine I would have done better at the end of such a trial. And that’s before we talk damage award.

10/ Here, btw, court docket before Khadr settlement. 10 yrs $5 million in; still pre-trial legal throat clearing <link>

11/ Actually, 13 yrs in. Many judges, lawyers. Doubt $5 million includes the resources Fed Ct spent on this

Omar Khadr fact check paints a clearer picture of the case and the incident underlying it

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