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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The GOP: Cowardice personified

When will someone in the Congress stand up? When will someone in the Republican majority say enough is enough? When will the future of the country outweigh their own futures? Apparently not anytime soon. All is quiet from the GOP. It is becoming a display of cowardice not seen in American history. Silence = acquiescence. The conductor of you train is driving all of you (and us) off a cliff.
Jennifer Rubin has a scathing opinion piece in today's Washington Post. And she's a conservative!
"In fewer than five months, Trump has gotten rid of his FBI director, national security adviser, acting attorney general and initial nominees for Navy and Army secretaries (two of them!), labor secretary and deputy treasury secretary. His White House is staffed by generals, relatives and people who have never served in government. The staff’s feuds wind up reported on the front pages. This is the White House that Republicans reflexively shield from criticism."

Pro-Trump Republicans will get nothing, not even retention of a House majority

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