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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Trump, the ultimate hypocrite

Never before has so much steaming hypocrisy occupied the White House: Neil Macdonald

Pundits and politicos better lap it up while they can

Hypocrisy is so deeply embedded in politics that the two words are synonyms. That shamelessness pays is an axiom.
And look, for sure, hypocrisy is the best thing about covering politics.
It's white truffles, it's Belgian chocolate, it's a spigot of fine wine that never, ever runs out.
Some politicians, called on hypocrisy, bluster, claiming they were only adopting a wide stance.
Others, like former president Bill Clinton, retreat to hilarious parsing: I didn't inhale, could you please define "sex," etc.
Still, others never even have to deal with it. Once he moved into the White House, for example, President Barack Obama's often-stated desire to "kneel before that rugged cross" seemed to evaporate. Sunday church outings ended.  
President Donald Trump, though, is the Chronos of hypocrisy. He is Jabba the Hutt, with hypocrisy crouching in a silver bikini, a leash around its neck.

Trump is more capable than even his peers in Third World dictatorships of delivering judgment on something, and then turning around and doing that very thing, fecklessly and without the slightest shame, and then attacking anyone who notices. And like Third World dictators, he surfs on his own personality cult-wave.
It's addictive, actually. On the rare occasion when Trump acts presidential for a few days, reporters and politicos feel like a perk has suddenly and unfairly been cut off.
All right. Some examples:

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