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Monday, May 29, 2017

This is the result of fake shit

Who were these come-from-away bullies, who travelled to Red Deer to harass schoolchildren?
They included members of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam, Canada. Their Facebook page features a banner showing an armoured, sword-wielding avenging Aryan angel standing on guard for Canada and a caricature showing a Muslim man with a long black beard, demonic pointed ears and the nose of a pig being kicked in the rear with the caption, “Get Out Of Our Country.” The message is not subtle.
Also on hand was the leader of a Calgary-based federal fringe party, the National Advancement Party, which, among other things, wants to ban the production of halal and kosher meat in Canada.
RCMP say there were also at least five uniformed members of the Soldiers of Odin, a Canadian offshoot of a Finnish neo-Nazi vigilante group.
This was, in fact, a travelling hate circus inspired by fake news and viral lies. And when the cameras stopped rolling, the hate clowns jumped in their cars and left town. This week Red Deer. Next week, wherever malice and political opportunism take them.

Paula Simons: Travelling hate circus staged anti-Syrian protest in Red Deer based on lie

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