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Monday, May 8, 2017

The CPC are sounding more and more like Trump and the NDP are licking at their boots

Yet the claims of these anonymous sources--courageous types, these--stand in stark contrast with the contemporaneous 2006 letter of Brig-Gen David Fraser. Fraser, then commander of Canadian forces in Afghanistan, said of Sajjan's contribution:
"his analysis was so compelling that it drove a number of large scale theatre-resourced efforts, including OPERATION MEDUSA..."
But in case that's not specific enough, on Wednesday, a retired senior British army officer, Col. Chris Vernon came forward and, in a radio interview on AM640 in Toronto, directly contradicted the CBC's sources.

"PIVOTAL": Senior military Brit confirms Sajjan's planning role

It's been pretty rich watching Her Majesty's Loyal Amnesiacs carry on over Harjit Sajjan in the House of Commons this week.
Who could forget - well, we already have, haven't we - the previous occupant of the defence portfolio, Jason Kenney?
Kenney, who never saw a day of military combat in his life, made false claims about the Canadian military that were directly contradicted by NATO itself, tweeted a misleading photograph about Muslim women, and misled the public about a FAKED CITIZENSHIP CEREMONY. That's just for starters. And just him.
The Conservatives in office were like a parrot sketch on loop, without the humour.

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