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Monday, May 15, 2017

The buffoon in The Blight House

Donald Trump Tries to Explain Economics to The Economist. Hilarity Ensues.


Donald Trump has now spent enough time listening to Republican economic advisers that he can give an interview to The Economist in which he attempts to regurgitate the ideas that have been fed him. At various points in the interview, Trump tries and fails to think of the word “reciprocity.” (“We need reciprocality in terms of our trade deals,” he asserts.) Asked to flesh out his vision for a fair NAFTA in more detail, he can only come up with synonyms for “big”:
It sounds like you’re imagining a pretty big renegotiation of NAFTA. What would a fair NAFTA look like?
Big isn’t a good enough word. Massive.


It’s got to be. It’s got to be.
The interview really starts to go downhill when Trump explains his tax plan:

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