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Monday, September 5, 2016

Legal only applies to Canadians not Conservatives

If an ad is crude and the tone belligerent, all the better. It makes those most influenced by this stuff feel at home and with their own kind. Truthfulness is not required.

Open letter to Rona Ambrose on negative politicking

Open Letter to Rona Ambrose,
Interim Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada 
Dear Ms. Ambrose,
Since losing the last election, Conservative politicians have been bending over backwards to present a civil, more caring face to Canadians. And many of us have been wondering if we imagined all the sneering, dirty tricks and bullying that came to epitomize the Harper regime. Have all the conservative toughs, now presenting as kind-hearted progressives, reformed? Or is this a false front?
The Conservative Party of Canada, under Mr. Harper, hired a string of professional trolls, also known as communication directors, to create character assassination propaganda ads with the intention of destroying the reputations of political opponents. Michael Ignatieff was falsely accused of being an anti-Semite. Mr. Dion was belittled for his thick accent. Slander sheets variously accused opponents of being supporters of the Taliban, ISIL and pedophiles.
It has come to my attention that the Conservative Party of Canada is once again going low. A recent attack ad shows a photo of a shirtless Justin Trudeau. It asks Canadians why the Prime Minister is on a beach when the jobless rate is rising.   

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