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Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Bernard the Roughneck" Knows Jackshit about Honesty but has a BA in Political Science

"Naturally, such statements were highly controversial, prompting a vigorous back-and-forth on social media between supporters and detractors of the views expressed by Bernard -- who turns out to be Neal Bernard Hancock, a graduate of Quebec's English-language Bishop's University, from which he has a degree in media and communications, as well as an oil patch worker"

Bernard the Roughneck in his own words: Neal Bernard Hancock responds to his critics

Tout le monde political Alberta is wondering about "Bernard the Roughneck," the young man in hard hat and boiler suit who appeared on Parliament Hill last Wednesday with what appeared to be streaks of grime on his face to lash the Trudeau Government for, as he put it, listening to the wrong people about the future of Canada's oil patch.
Describing himself as "just an average roughneck," Bernard the Roughneck went on to state: "I'm not a guy from Calgary in a suit. I'm not a guy who's knowledgeable about public policy or the processes that go on in buildings like this. I'm a roughneck…" Mainstream mediaalmost swooned.

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