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Monday, September 12, 2016

Canadian Taxpayers Federation nothing but a shell game.

In a stunning development, membership in the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has slumped close to 17 percent -- from six members, to five!
Alert readers will recall Alberta Diary's revelation in March 2013 that the much-quoted organization, which is as pure an example of political AstroTurfing as can be found in Canada, in reality has only five members.
The self-described "citizen advocacy" group had been allowing itself to be portrayed by its many friends in media as an organization of 70,000 Canadians -- including, as it happened, your blogger's dog Riley, who, aside from his rather basic understanding of economics, is as friendly and loyal a fellow as you could wish to meet.

Shocker: Canadian Taxpayers Federation suffers 17% membership slump!

However, when one of those 70,000 people and non-citizen pets actually asked to see the books, a CTF official fessed up and admitted that the only actual members the CTF has are its board members.
Since many people who sign on with the CTF are operating under the misapprehension they are members of the group, Edmonton-based corporate ethics advocate and researcher Tony Clark had decided to see what would happen when he acted like a one.
With a copy of the CTF’s letters patent in hand, Clark signed up on the CTF website, then wrote the organization to explain that as a new member he wanted to see the group's audited financial statements.
Eventually, after a certain amount of to-ing and fro-ing -- "according to the bylaws, I have the right to see the audited financial statements" -- CTF Operations Vice-President Shannon Morrison broke the news to Clark that, no, he couldn't see them, because, "technically the only 'members' are the board directors themselves."

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