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Friday, September 9, 2016

Dr. Mean

3. Day believes poor people do not deserve the same quality treatment as rich people

If it sounds to you like Day is advocating a two-tier health care system, that's barely the half of it.
Day recently told the National Post that he thinks "a wealthy person" deserves a higher standard of care than everybody else:
"We in Canada will give the same level of services to a wealthy person as to person who isn't wealthy, and that doesn't make sense."

3 things you need to know about the people trying to end Canadian health care as we know it

Should Canadians receive medical care based on ability to pay rather than need?
That's what's looming on the horizon as a group of right-wing activists launched a constitutional challenge against Canada's health care system this week in the BC Supreme Court – and observers warn the outcome "could transform the Canadian health system from coast to coast."
Dr. Brian Day, who is leading the case with help from a right-wing advocacy group named the Canadian Constitution Foundation that is bankrolling Day's legal team, portrays himself as a champion of "freedom."
But a closer look at Day and the CCF shows this may not be an accurate portrayal of their motives.
Here are a few things to chew on:

Meet Dr. Brian Day

Day is co-owner of Cambie Surgeries, a private for-profit corporation based in Vancouver operating clinics specializing in various surgical procedures who argues it should be his constitutional right to charge patients more than what medicare already covers.

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