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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Yet another dweeb is about to abandon the sinking CPC Slug Boat

The many delusions of Jason

Why Jason Kenney is fooling himself that Albertans will follow a kid from Oakville

Michael Harris

He may be ready for Alberta, but is Alberta ready for Wild Jay Kenney?
You can just tell when guys in cowboy hats and neckerchiefs haven’t spent much time in the saddle. You just know they couldn’t hogtie a kitten, or shoot a lamp shade let alone a silver dollar off a fence post.
Every year during the Calgary Stampede, Canadians play a game that could be called spot the doofus — a cringe-worthy exercise of picking out the real cow-pokes from the rhinestone variety, the ones who are ‘all hat and no cattle’ as they say on the Prairies. These city slickers are there for one reason only: to flog a personal agenda or two.
The lamest of these greenhorn wannabes is the campaigning politician. They’re as common as ants at a picnic and engender snickers as they work the crowds, pretending there’s nothing like the smell of horse dung to sharpen the appetite for a plate of pancakes.   Who can forget the infamous photo of Stephen Harper in his form fitting leather vest and glistening lips, hands firmly on hips like an angry schoolmarm?
As I write these words, the MP for Calgary Midnapore is marketing himself at the Calgary Stampede in his run for the leadership of the province’s Progressive Conservative party. Think of it as the Second Coming of Jason.
Jason Kenney is taking part in a parade — riding in the back of a 1958 Ford Fairlane, with an army tank behind him, and a gas-guzzling 1959 Caddy in front carrying fellow-delusional Michelle Rempel. I guess the cars were interesting. (At least Premier Notley rode a Pinto that wasn’t made in Detroit – the kind with four legs, not an explosive gas tank.)

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