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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kudo’s to Dallas’ Finest

During a demonstration march against police brutality the Dallas Police acted with honour, discipline and professionalism.

When the shooting started and their comrades were the target they did not lose their composure. Their first response was to protect marchers, at their own peril. Their second response was to identify where the gunfire was coming from. Officers ran toward the gunfire, their bravery is unparalleled. Most importantly the Dallas police did not open fire randomly killing innocent protestors in fact some officers tackled protestors and lay on top of them to protect them.

There are more good officers than bad and we witnessed that in Dallas.

I am not black so cannot speak to the abuses blacks encounter although I know there is a difference in how I am viewed by law enforcement and how the black community is viewed. The difference is based on historic impressions, values and bigotry. If you feel a certain group is beneath you and you use them and abuse them and they rebel, why are you surprised?

I can only hope that the lives of these brave officers do not go unrewarded and America comes to the realization that changes in attitude are needed

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