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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Harper government was a failure and still is a failure. They hired Phoenix and they should accept the blame but they will spin and lie but never admit

Trudeau calls Phoenix pay problem an 'unacceptable situation' inherited from Tories

Canada's prime minister asks Privy Council clerk to oversee pay system file

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the ongoing problem with the Phoenix pay system that has affected tens of thousands of government workers "is an unacceptable situation" inherited from the former Conservative government.

"This is an unacceptable situation and we are trying to fix it," Trudeau said in French during an interview Wednesday morning with Radio-Canada's François Cormier and Martine Defoy.
"We inherited the system from the previous government," he added, echoing last week's words from Scott Brison, president of the Treasury Board, who told CBC News the Liberals "inherited a mess from the Harper government," which "let the system deteriorate."
While the new system was spearheaded under the previous Conservative government, it rolled out in phases under the Trudeau government's watch earlier this year in spite of a warning from the largest union representing federal public servants.
The Public Service Alliance of Canada said thousands of its members experienced problems during the first phase of the rollout, which began in late February, and in April the union warned the Liberals not to move ahead with the second phase.
At the time, the government responded that only 300 people had made formal complaints, and that "almost all" of the technical issues had been resolved.

'We are taking this very, very seriously'

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