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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Canada the American Dream

"If you forgot to be born into a wealthy family, you're better off today living in Northern Europe or Canada, where social safety nets and investments in early childhood education have paid big dividends for ordinary citizens. In fact, Canada now has three times the social mobility of the US."

The "American Dream" Moved to Canada

Does your family aspire to the American Dream of a decent paying job, a few weeks of paid vacation, a home of your own, and the hope of retiring before you die?
Maybe try Canada.
Our country has historically prided itself on being a socially mobile society, where hard work is more important than the race or class you're born into. Indeed, during the three decades after World War II, social mobility increased -- particularly for the white working class.
That mobility became part of our self-identity, especially when juxtaposed with the old "caste societies" of Europe and their static class systems. Today, however, that story has been turned on its head.

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