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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

There is little difference between Harper's "Trickle Down Policies and Pissed on Policies"

Fail, Fail, Fail, the Harper Economic Plans have been total failures, Canada's youth unemployment is at its highest level ever while those 55 and over have dropped out of the job search market due to a lack of economic growth across the country.

But despite the outrageous expenditures on outside lawyers and advertising we have a balanced budget. One that came at the expense of veterans, the unemployed and the civil service.

Almost 1.2 billion taxpayer dollars spent on failed advertising and lost appeals

This is the meanest, ugliest government in Canadian history, they feed their base lies and the fools eat it up.

Harper wants to privatize the CPP claiming it would be better run by his favorite corporate supporters. He and his base whine about CPP being a tax.... it is NOT you stupid fools ... it is a paid in pension by the people and corporations.

What is the difference between a private pension fund and a government pension fund?

The rates. A private pension fund is based on the corporation or insurers ability to make a profit from your and your employers contributions. If you have ever worked for a company that offers a pension plan then you know damn well that YOU pay a portion and the COMPANY pays a portion..... doesn't that sound like CPP.... the difference between the two is that the government is unwilling to raise the company portion since their party relies on corporate donations.

Harper wants to shut down Medicare and leave it to the Provinces. What will that mean to smaller Provinces with less populations and industry?

The rates. It becomes very apparent that equality and balance across the country will suffer, the smaller Provinces will not have the resources to hire qualified doctors nor the capacity to take care of all levels of the population.  A National Medicare system provides a balance across the country the Federal government should not be abdicating their duty to the country as a whole.

The smaller Provinces will no longer benefit from balanced transfer payments making it necessary for the Provinces to seek private corporations or raise Provincial taxes. We only have to look at the American system to see how badly its people are treated by the private medical insurers and how their two tier system provides better service and treatment for the rich.

This is an election year and the Harper government has increased the number of ridings across the country, boundaries have changed as well as qualifying rules whatever you do make sure you know your polling station, like the "robocall" fiasco of 2011 the Harper government has done everything in their power to ensure seniors, the youth, and the working class do not vote.

You can check here... to be sure you are registered and to see if you polling station has changed.

"VOTE ABC IN 2015"

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