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Friday, April 24, 2015

Testimony to date indicates there was a close relationship between Harper and Duffy it therefore seems highly unlikely that the PM would not be privy to or the author of any "special" deal between Duffy and the PMO.

Prime Minister Harper unlikely to be subpoenaed at Duffy trial: experts

The prosecution and defence in the Mike Duffy criminal trial are declining to say if they will subpoena Prime Minister Stephen Harper but legal experts and political analysts say that it’s unlikely to happen, chiefly because of the legal complications that would delay the outcome for an extended period of time.

“I’m sure both sides have looked at it and have considered it and have ruled it out on the basis of executive privilege,” said criminal defence attorney Lawrence Greenspon, in an interview with The Hill Times. “A pretty direct response to any subpoena would be that Harper’s counsel would move to quash the subpoena of a sitting prime minster and they have a pretty good legal ground to do that.”

As of deadline last week, no official list of witnesses was publicly made available either by the prosecution, or the defence, and both declined to say if Prime Minister Harper (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) had been sent a subpoena or not, and if not, why. The Prime Minister’s communications office was not available for a comment for this article.
Mr. Harper recently said publicly that based on a legal opinion that his office received, he won’t be called to testify.
Administrators opinion:
The only conclusion one can draw from his failure to testify under oath is that Stephen Harper was indeed the author of the conspiracy.
Denial to the media or in the House of Commons means absolutely nothing to this Prime Minister as we know he has already been found in contempt of parliament.

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