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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The silence from the Northamerican media is very telling

Journalists’ killings: Western media blind spot on what’s happening in Kiev

The recent killings in Ukraine are reported in Western media in a completely distorted way says investigative journalist Tony Gosling. It’s a dangerous situation that may provoke further killings and less reporting of certain points of view, he told RT.

Opposition journalist Oles Buzina was killed near his home in Kiev on Thursday. Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko has ordered a full investigation into the murder of the journalist, known for criticizing the government. It's the latest in a string of deaths of people who have been speaking out against the government.

RT: What can you say about the murder of Oles Buzina in Kiev?

Tony Gosling: This recent murder of Oles Buzina is really the latest in a whole series. I’ve been looking into this. We’ve had something like more than 10 people who are supporters of the old regime in Kiev being killed, looks like through contract killings, including just the other day Oleg Kalashnikov who was an MP in Kiev. And yet this doesn’t seem to get the reporting with journalists being killed as well... This is really a blind spot going on the Western media towards what is happening in Kiev. Let’s think - we are 70 years since the end of the WWII, about to have a big parade in Moscow and in other places to commemorate the end of the WWII and yet some commentators here in the West are even saying that people should boycott going to Moscow and taking part in that. Let’s not forget the Russians did most of the work in WWII in defeating the Nazi regime. And we’ve got now fascists reappearing in Ukraine. I think that’s why the Western media doesn’t want to know, it doesn’t want to analyze the fact that there is a resurgence of fascism. In fact, in Ukraine we’ve actually got people who are openly supporting the Nazis, and contract killing is extremely dangerous, death squads effectively.


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