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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Harper's silence is deafening

How bad a Prime Minister is Stephen Harper? The following letter to the editor from an American in Seattle Washington answers that question.

Canadians in general should be embarrassed by this do nothing say nothing hate mongering Prime Minister. The very fact that the World is watching as he allows gross miscarriages of justice to be enacted upon Canadians in corrupt and totalitarian countries such as Indonesia, China and Egypt shows his lack of compassion and his incompetence as an International voice for human rights.

He brags about telling Putin to "Get out of Crimea" when he is ignoring atrocities that are happening by the powers that be within the Ukraine. Media and human rights organizations have raised the question of whether he is supporting Nazi sympathizers within the country.

He not only is ignoring the plight of Neil Bantleman but also Mohammed Fahmy in Egypt, Kevin Garratt in China as well as Huseyin Celil a Muslim Uihgar who was sentenced to life in prison.

In a conservative world one is guilty until proven innocent, we see it in his tough on crime bills and we are about to see it in his bill C-51 which will take away the rights and freedoms of Canadians under the guise of protecting the people of Canada from Jihadists.

We, as a people interested in justice and human rights, must stand up to this mean spirited bigot of a Prime Minister and end his reign of terror on the innocent people who are wrongly incarcerated around the World as well as at home.

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