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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why I don't drive

Why I don't like to drive at night.
I haven't liked driving at night for years now. Too many drunks and
weirdoes' out at night that can cause you harm in some form or another.
For example:
In Mississauga over the weekend, Police spotted a naked man in a
tow truck. He was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled
substance. What about being naked ??
In the second case, within the hour, Police received a call about an erratic
driver. He too, was completely naked. He was charged with impaired driving
What about being naked ??
The lesson here........For God's sake....don't drink, snort or shoot-up
while driving naked !!  and make sure you have tinted windows !!

Thanks Joe.... I was at the mall today and in front of me at the cash was a senior gentleman who could not remember his PIN number yet he walked out with his walker and got into his car and drove away. And people think I am a crazy old senior when I show up on my scooter..... F#@% em all.

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