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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Become a Conservative MP or Senator and guarantee a pension

The Conservatives continually try to tell Canadians that their "Action Plan" is working unfortunately it is not. The job market has gone from full time employment to a part time market where workers do no get benefits....

Canadians angry over Action Plan advertisements during the Oscars

The ads are intended to promote the Conservatives however the lack of success of the Action Plan and the cost to taxpayers has hit a sore spot for Canadians.

The McMaster University-United Way Toronto study finds that four in 10 workers are trapped in or partly feeling the effects of so-called precarious employment, while the rest hold on to better permanent jobs.

And it says the rate of precarious labourers in jobs such as temporary or contract work has jumped by almost 50 per cent in the last two decades.

The research says such workers tend to have fluctuating weekly incomes, lack funds to cover unexpected costs and see their work schedules change with little notice.

It finds that precarious work doesn't only just impact lower income earners, but middle class households as well.

Tea Party Conservatives would rather hold down the middle and low income earners to the benefit of industry.

Then the simpletons like Flaherty tell Canadians that they are not saving enough toward their pensions...... how the hell do they expect these people to do that..... become a Senator? or a Conservative Minister?

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