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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

John Baird - Taking credit where credit is NOT due

Since coming to office Stephen Harper, John Baird, Rona Ambrose et al have been anti-environment shooting down environmental groups and their own scientists. Now they want to take credit for Ontario shutting down the coal fired electric generators.

Well John, the people of Ontario are not going to stand for your lies anymore.

"We're the only country in the world that's committed to getting out of the dirty coal electricity generation business," Baird told the Canadian Press.

"These are real meaningful steps that will either meet or even exceed the work that's been done thus far in the United States."

Baird was responding to remarks made by U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson, who said Obama's state-of-the-union remarks on climate change should also be considered a challenge to Canada.

Ottawa has long said it was committed to matching U.S. protocols, which makes it interesting that Baird is now saying Canada is driving the lead car.

Bulls#!T John.... everyone knows you are not telling the truth. All these lies while the Conservatives slash and gut funding to federal environmental departments.

Baird's claim to being the eco-friendly government received swift rebuttal, however.

Greenpeace Canada took umbrage, telling the Canadian Press that Baird does not deserve credit for Ontario's decision to step away from coal power.

"John Baird shouldn't try to take credit for Ontario's phase out of coal-fired electricity, although environmentalists would welcome federal assistance in making progress in other provinces," Keith Stewart told the newsgroup.

"The reality, however, is that the federal coal regulations delay any serious action until after 2025."

Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae also took a shot at Baird's comment, pointing to the death of former Liberal finance minister Ralph Goodale's environmentally friendly 2005 budget, when the Harper Conservatives first took power.

The Conservatives only motivation is the sale of "dirty oil". At every suggestion of alternative power generation the Conservatives have ridiculed the concept or called for a "witch hunt study" to undermine any attempt to slow the sale of "tar sand oil."

If the Keystone pipeline fails then there will be an even bigger drive to build the Northern Gateway pipeline to supply China.

Cuba has high sulphur content oil as well, but they realize it is not environmentally friendly, the tour guides and even street beggars will tell you that, but their government is searching for light crude as I write this. Canadian Oil interests are involved in joint venture drilling in Cuba.

The vast majority of our refined fossil fuel is imported from the US. If we send our dirty oil to the Gulf States does that mean we get it back as refined fuel?

We already know that the land, rivers and lakes around the Oil Sands are far more polluted than first thought but that report from Federal scientists has been quietly suppressed.

Are the Oil Sands a necessary evil? Yes, from a financial point ov view but at what cost to the environment and to the health of American and Canadian citizens.

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