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Friday, February 22, 2013

Federal cuts good for taxpayers???

"Leaner, more affordable government is good for taxpayers," a spokesman for Clement wrote CBC News.

Oh goody. The Harper administration is going to save millions in federal salaries and give the savings to seniors and medicare. That would be a true benefit to taxpayers however if you believe that they are doing this for Canadians you are absolutely wrong.

It will mean they will pay down "their deficit" that did not show any "Action Plan" success. It will mean more money for self promotion. It will mean more money for the oil industry. It will mean more money for F-35 albatrosses.

Mind you I am not against these layoffs however I do have a wait and see attitude as to how services will be affected. The one thing I am sure of is, there will be no net benefit to middle and lower income earning Canadians.

In the National Capital Region (Ottawa-Gatineau), the job losses are expected to fall within the 7,200-8,300 range. That represents roughly four in ten of the jobs cut according to the Economic Action Plan outlined in the 2012 federal budget.

Outside of the capital, job reduction estimates by region include:

1,400-1,700 jobs in B.C.
1,100-1,800 jobs in the Prairies
approx. 3,200 jobs in Ontario
2,700-3,000 jobs in Quebec
1,300-1,900 jobs in Atlantic Canada
approx. 115 jobs in the Territories
170-175 jobs outside Canada

It should be interesting to see what the overall cost to taxpayers will be when the buyouts are finalized.

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