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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Taking unfair advantage of taxpayers

I like Pamela Wallin however she is and has been taking unfair advantage of Canadian taxpayers. She holds an Ontario health card but claims residency in Saskatchewan and uses tax payer dollars to travel to her home in both Toronto Ontario and Wadena Saskatchewan.

Wallin’s travel expenses — $350,000 over a two-year period — are being scrutinized by independent auditors. But Wallin is also facing questions regarding whether she resides in the province she represents in the upper chamber, as required by law.

Wallin, who also owns a condo in Toronto and an apartment in New York City, has previously said she complies with the constitutional requirements to serve as a senator for Saskatchewan.
Saskatchewan is my home and I have owned property there for many years. I work hard in Saskatchewan, in Ottawa and across this country to fulfill my duties as a senator,” Wallin said in a statement to the Star earlier this month.

As far as I am aware no one has questioned any of the Senators constitutional right to serve their home province.... it is their primary place of residence and their expenses that are under scrutiny. Claiming a secondary property as your primary place of residency, and receiving taxpayer dollars, is just plain wrong.

The question is, should she require medical assistance would she be taking unfair advantage of Ontario taxpayers rather than her home province of Saskatchewan?

According to Mike Duffy he sees nothing wrong in taking advantage of Ontario Health Care while trying to claim P.E.I. as his principal residence.

If any of us riffraff were to double dip as these Senators have been doing CRA would chase us down.

Wallin claims she works hard fulfilling her duties as a Senator and I am sure she does although I hope that in her travels she is not promoting the party.

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