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Monday, November 21, 2011

Old family photo

This picture was taken before I was born and shows my father John (Ernie) at the right, my uncle Harry centre and I have to assume (but not sure) that George Brown is at the left. George was a long time friend of my dad' and Harry.  From the looks of the photo I again assume it was taken in the days when Harry was the manager for Pellers Brewery (the predecessor of Pellers Wine). My dad worked for Harry, who was the distributor in Quebec, along with George.

This is aunt Cecile, my uncle Harry's wife and one of the beautiful people. Cecile lost and eye in a snowball throwing episode years before I was born. At her memorial service in 1980 something my cousins Diane and Joan had a table set up with the things the family most remembered about Cecile..... her glass eye and a can of Molson Export.

This is Cecile at the seniors home dressed as Charlie Chaplin

Damn I love my Coo Coo Family

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