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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Listen up America - Have you left no sense of decency

Today, a leader has arisen, an indecent leader who has turned to stone the hearts of millions of his followers.
He preaches his hatred. He preaches his selfishness. He does not welcome; his arms are shut tight. He despises the poor. He despises the huddled masses. He despises the homeless. He refuses sanctuary to the tempest-tost.
He sings his message of bile across the land, and sadly, millions of otherwise good Americans have been seduced by his song.
And what in past years might have seemed outrageous and un-American,  somehow has become acceptable — the hatred, the bigotry, the insults, the closed iron doors on our borders — all seemingly have become normal, now.
Repetition does that.
Thus has begun again the descent of our once-proud, our once-great nation, as it is led toward hell.

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